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Bacharach-Henschhausen and Surroundings on the Middle Rhine

Malerwinkel in Bacharach

Malerwinkel in Bacharach

Culture & Sights

The wine village Bacharach-Henschhausen is situated on a hill above Bacharach on the Middle Rhine, which has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
Bacharach offers many mediaeval cultural places of interest and historic sites, like the Wernerkapelle, the Haus Utsch, the Stahleck Castle, the Alte Münze and many more. Worthwhile is a walk along the old towers and walls of the former city fortifications, and the view from the Postenturm.

Bacharach on the Rhine

Bacharach on the Rhine


Take your time for a few relaxing or even cultural days on the beautiful Middle Rhine, close to the Loreley rock. The “Rheinsteig” hiking trail runs above the Rhenish Palatinate to Kaub. Here, in the unhurried district Henschhausen with its rural character, you will find tranquility off the beaten track, in spite of the pretty wine villages Bacharach, Oberwesel and its neighbouring town St. Goar. The short distance to the main road along the Rhine (approx. 3 km) is ideal to go for a ride to the nearby sights like the loreley rock or the “Rheinschleife” (sinuosity) near Boppard.

Activities, Sports and Leisure Time

Lovers of tourist attractions should look about the upstream region with Bingen or Rüdesheim and the famous “Mäuseturm” and “Drosselgasse”. The nearby estuaries and scenic rivers of Mosel, Nahe, Ahr and Lahn are pretty excursion destinations as well. And all the motorists, bikers and hikers should better remember the old saying: The Journey is the Reward!.

For all those, who are not keen on carrying their own bikes for touring, they find a bicycle rental in Bacharach at “Zweirad-Service Stephan Morr”, Mainzer Straße 20, Tel. 91 94 03
Prices bicycle rental: hour as from 2,00 €; day as from 8,00 €.

Worth mentioning are even the waterpark and the wildlife park in Rheinböllen.

Vineyard on the Rhine

Vineyard on the Rhine

Food & Drink

Thanks to its favourable position on the Rhine slopes with its mineralic slate soil and the mild climate, the wines become excellent. Especially Riesling wines, but also Sekt (sparkling wine), schnapps and liqueurs, which you really must taste in one of the numerous quaint wine taverns.
Bacharach has got many snugly taverns for wine tastings and offers local culinary specialities in restaurants, cafés and pubs. As a matter of course, you won't miss a good pasta or pizza at the Italian, or a pint in the Irish Pub.
For self-catering you find all the important things, like bakery, butchery and some supermarkets in Bacharach.
And for all those, who are tired of walking, they call for the pizza or bread delivery …


from the holiday home in Henschhausen …

Events & Festivities

Date Topic Details Time
19– 21/05/18 "Market" Medieval Spectacle” with craftsmen, merchants and juggler at “Haag’s Tower” in Oberwesel 11:00 am
21/05/18 "Wine Tasting" Wine tasting of six wines of different quality levels in the vaulted cellar of the winery Lanius-Knab in Oberwesel 5:00 pm
23/05/18 "Discovery Tour" Guided discovery tour Rheingoldstraße by bus to the most impressive lookouts on the Middle Rhine 2:30 pm
24/05/18 "Comedy" Matthias Egersdörfer on tour Ding der Unmöglichkeit at the Mainz Unterhaus 8:00 pm
25/05/18 "Wine Tasting" Wine tasting of six wines of different quality levels in the vaulted cellar of the winery Lanius-Knab in Oberwesel 5:00 pm
25/05/18 "Concert" Concert by the Bulgarian “Ensemble Sacralissimo” at the Peterskirche in Bacharach-Steeg 7:30 pm
26/05/18 "Wine Show" At the Middle Rhine Wine Show, local wine producers present the 2017 vintage and fruit brandies at the Bacharach Mittelrheinhalle noon
26/05/18 "Night Watchman Tour" Guided tour with the night watchman through the historic alleys of Oberwesel 8:00 pm

Further Informations and Helpful Links

Further informations on the wine villages Bacharach, Oberwesel, St. Goar and the nearby waterpark Rheinböllen, you'll find in the below-mentioned list of helpful links.